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Thread: othe sites ban me from spamming do you peopel take offense to spamming

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    Question othe sites ban me from spamming do you peopel take offense to spamming

    do you peopel take soem spamming questions or not cus i got banned from one site so far this year for doing it im worried i figured id ask befoe i post soem more forums

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    Re: othe sites ban me from spamming do you peopel take offense to spamming

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    To quote the Forum Rules...
    Stay on topic. Read what the thread is about before posting. Off topic posts are considered spam and do not contribute to the thread. Making an off topic post or thread will result in an immediate warning or infraction.

    Keep any back and forth banter to a minimum as it can quickly turn into a conversation within a thread. Such situations should be taken to PM so that others do not have to read through your 'conversation' to get back to on topic material. This usually happens when two people agree on something and decide to converse within the thread instead of bringing their mutual interests to PM or the chat room.

    All members please note that Junk Posting is no longer allowed at Anime Online.

    No-one wants to read another members "Junk Posting" and it just clutters up the forums and hides useful information.

    I'm sure many members dislike reading garbage, and so from now on, let's all be responsible members of AO.

    Please only reply or post a new thread if you have something useful to say.

    Posts such as:

    * I agree
    * This rocks
    * I think she is really cute.
    * Checkout this site.... (link)
    * I love Anime just because.
    * Hello, I'm new.
    * etc..

    Will be deleted and an infraction given.

    You agree, through your use of this service, you will do your utmost to follow the rules and regulations presented above. Violation of these rules can (and will) result in any of the following: thread deletion, thread closure, warnings, public humiliation, temporary suspension of account and permanent banning from Anime Online.
    Please read the Forum Rules located here... Anime Online - FAQ:
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
    Rantings of a Grouchy Old Anime Otaku

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