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Thread: Problems on MangaHere. Please help?

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    Problems on MangaHere. Please help?

    Okay, so for awhile there was a period of time where quite a few of us were unable to even log in to MangaHere. However, that issue was fixed and we can log in again. Yet, whenever I log in (even if I click the Remember Me box), if I leave the page for even a second, when I come back I have to log in again. It's really annoying, since I used to be able to just log in and stay logged in for weeks on end. How do I fix this, or is there simply another glitch floating around?

    Also, these last few days I've run into another issue: I read through manga by using the arrow keys, since I don't like continually stabbing the mouse. However, recently whenever I press the arrow keys, the manga page doesn't change. It will stay in place until I either click the next button with the mouse or click on the page in a blank spot multiple times to try and reconnect the page (but even then, when I go to the next page, I have to highlight the page again to be able to use the mouse button. And really, if I'm going to have to use the mouse to select the page, what's the point of doing that instead of simply using the mouse to click the 'next' button?) I would really love to fix this as well, for it's rather maddening when I'm scrolling along, reading a manga, and then the arrow keys decide to just quit. I've tried logging out, closing FireFox, and even restarting my computer, yet nothing has worked so far.

    Please and thank you in advance for any help!

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    Re: Problems on MangaHere. Please help?

    For me the logging in and remember me problem is solved,but sometimes it wont remember me.My other problem is the no matter which manga i choose it wont load,not even the ads.It just freezes, and sometimes it says internal error.

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