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Thread: puzzle contest?

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    Question puzzle contest?

    i was i thinking why don't we have a puzzle contest?it will take place every month and each month has a theme. all the answers will have to do with anime. the first person who solves the series of puzzles(5-7 puzzles) gets a prize.

    who will be making the puzzles?
    1. myself and anyone else who wants to, but u must pm me and get my approval before doing so. that way we don't have fifty questions one time and 1 the next month.

    whats the prize?
    2. since the only thing we can give out here are credits. credits it will be.
    also, the winner every month would get to pick the theme for the next month.

    there are a few details i need to sort out.... please give me your suggestions and feedback.

    what do you guys think are you game or not?

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    Re: puzzle contest?

    i think it sounds interesting^^ but how are you actually going to set it up? are there just going to be a series of questions ? o.0
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    Re: puzzle contest?

    Any and all contests need to be approved by the Administration. Please PM an Admin with your idea and they will decide if it will be accepted.

    Moving to Feedback and Questions and Closing

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