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Thread: Question/Suggestion for playstation user online ID's

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    Lightbulb Question/Suggestion for playstation user online ID's

    Hello everyone this is dark1angel with a good question and suggestion if this may be the first to be asked if not then delete this post.
    My question/suggestion is if there will be a thread involving a playstation 3 game username online identification to show off and talk about mainly about the newest playstation game upates and new releases? If there has not been a thread about this post can there be a vote decided amongst the administrators and moderators as well with veteran members or any kind of members?

    The reason i ask this question/suggestion is to benefit the playstation culture and also the gamers in that area because i want to see it be alive not dead of poor usage all the time you know? As well for the online identification it can only be shared if they feel comfortable enough to be added as well with sharing statistics of online multiplayer games they have played from various games. I also think it would be a great idea to say that it would use a great time for playstation users to talk about upcoming events and talk only within the playstation area nothing else and i know for sure there is a forum for that which i am familiar with that it is PlayStation? - PS3 anyways this concludes my saying please think about it and let me know if it has been talked about it if so then you can delete this post again i repeat you can delete this post if has been talked about.

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    Re: Question/Suggestion for playstation user online ID's

    no idea about this game. I hate to play video games

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