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Thread: A quick question about the Fanfic sizes

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    A quick question about the Fanfic sizes

    I was hoping I could ask about the Fanfic section. For the first time since I was in high school, I've actually written up a story & I was hoping to post it here. However I copied it from word, added the necessary coding for colours, italics, etc. I then tried to preview it, only to be told I had to keep it to a 10, 000 character limit.

    I was wondering if this was the biggest it could get, or if it's already been enlarged so it's bigger the rest. My story ended up getting to almost 30, 000 characters, I'll admit. But because of it's nature, I don't think I'll be able to split it into chunks. I've pretty much written up so it's roughly as long as an actual episode would be. If I split it up, It won't flow any way as good as I hope it does.

    So, will I be able to post my story at full length, or will I have to find another solution...

    Edit;Well, after looking around a few of the other stories, I've noticed a few have used multiple posts to fit their stories in. And since I haven't had any suggestions, I think I might give it a try. I'm not blaming anyone, I dare say this just got buried under a whole heap of other topics.

    Still, if you do read this, feel free to look up & read my story, Naruto - Devine Wind.

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