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Thread: Roleplaying Issue

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    Re: Roleplaying Issue

    I think the ideas section/forum/whatever you want to call it is fine. It's a great little place to post your ideas or whatever. My only issue with was that Sol was the only one approving the threads/ideas to my understanding. Hopefully that's not the case.

    Anyways I have to disagree with Xelhes' idea because for some reason that also won't get a lot of posts. Like some people said, there are people who don't like to roleplay and havng a canon or non-canon structure won't really chage much. Heck changing the structure won't change the level of activity. And if it does close there really isn't anything we can do about it.

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    Re: Roleplaying Issue

    The problem is not the way the RPG section is made, the problem is that we cant expect participation like in a RPG with long posts and actuall thinking when they are not able to do small inteligent posting in the rest of the forums.... Sadly the future of this and other sections are cloudy....

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    Re: Roleplaying Issue

    (sorry if this is off subject)I got a question. i like to ask what people don't like about the RPG section.i mean i know but other than the long posting and all of this other stuff,is there some you don't like about it?or is it you don't have that much time.Personaly i like rpgs and would love to see people active in it,but thats not my choice....

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    Re: Roleplaying Issue

    Most members are expressing that they don't have a lot of time so it would seem to me that they don't like the section because it takes up too much time to RPG, I mean it does take effort to do it right and to get into it. I like RPGing but don't have the time myself so I can understand what they are saying. But the sad thing is it really could be a active and productive part of the just seems the site needs "new blood" that isn't as busy as our current ones are.

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    Re: Roleplaying Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Xelhes View Post
    Now....ive read in that thread by tsurara about The questions to the members of AO and.....I took special interest in Number 5

    *do you like the rpg section* See...heres the problem. Most if not all answers are no i don tlike it and whats there reason *NO one has givin it a chance...* I keep telling people just try it. and some people say its boring some people say its pointless. Well are you going to listen to them or Do somethin on your own. I am like the only on on AO thats strongly for the rp section. I tire of people aying " i dont know how to role play" Well....if you would go to the actual section you would see the threads RIGHT in front of you when you come in. I created a RP guide to teaching you the basics of Roleplaying....but maybe you would have known that if you would at least go.

    How can we grow as a community when eveyrone is stuck in 2 major threads.....
    I agree with you... That is the problem with most people now a days people dont really think for them selfs anymore. It depends on what people think now a days. I think people should be them selfs. personaly I am more of a free style role-player then a D&D... My past role-plays where always fun and I miss some of my characters

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    Re: Roleplaying Issue


    old thread is too old thread., closing.,
    not giving you a too lazy too., this is your unofficial warning....actuaclly since it was 2 years ago...

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