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Thread: rules regarding user bars

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    rules regarding user bars

    ok i have a few questions in regards to userbars.

    1. can a com. ranked member, such as myself, have an animated userbar or would i have to rank up to an elite member?

    2. what is a clan? are they seperate from the social groups or are they the same?

    3.if they are the same does that mean i can have a userbar for each of the social groups i am the creator of or am i limited to just one user bar for all of the groups?

    thank you to whoever will answer my questions.

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    Re: rules regarding user bars

    "1 userbar is allowed in your signature, the maximum dimensions are 400 (width) x 20 (height) pixels."

    1) That's one userbar per user, no matter the rank.

    2) Clans are in the forum vault, no longer active.

    I'll see if we can update/simplify the rules somewhat to make them clearer.

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