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Thread: Staff Involvement

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    Re: Staff Involvement

    Smooth DB!!!!!

    Ky... hope you get it girl ..... for your own good.... I am not trying to intimidate you whatsoever... But you were acting a lil unfair towards the authority here.... sometimes you don't get it your way... it happens.... get over it.... they are doing what they are suppose to...
    Nothing less from Pyro ^_^ Great Sig ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!
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    Re: Staff Involvement

    Well, this would go with the friends thread, terms of drama, zing. Do you see the majority complaining about staffers, cause I don't and I'm one of the most actives at this time.

    The few times I've had problems or saw something on this site, I pmed a staffer and they always helped as soon as they could. And I'm pretty sure I pmed a few of the ones you mentioned who don't do much, thus putting a crack in your statement. The ones that come to mind are Len, Sasurai, Sazuka and soldat I think. Those are the ones I can remember that helped me when I pmed them, so they do their job great in my opinion. If I missed any of you, don't feel bad, my memory can be bad at times.

    Don't call this a suck-up, I'm just stating the facts and experiences from this noob when it comes to this touchy subject.
    Attitude of AO MODS, according to beast
    Because they have obtained that level they are arrogant. You have to kep in mind when you talk about these guys they are kind of dorks who probably didn't excel at much and this is their only outlet to flex their muscles. Their egos would suffer no less so the the forum suffers some more. Watch one way or another they will probably repond to this post with a threat. But there are better forums out there. Private messege Zev.

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    Re: Staff Involvement

    You know I actually read every post in this thread and I am quite hurt, as a mod and a new one at that, I fully understand the lack of visibility on the boards that some of the mods show HOWEVER after seeing what the staff really does here and all the "crap", yes "crap" they have to deal with I feel the comments in this thread which criticize the staff are completely unfounded.

    I do not see even a couple of inactive staff members, in fact the ones that may not be completely visible on the boards have been working their butt off on bringing AO new stuff or they spend their time roaming the boards and gasp! moderating. We only get a few bad threads here and there, most of the time it is crappy posting which we may or may not be able to do anything about.

    A lot of members here are very skilled in the art of posting 10+ times in a thread but their posts only add a minute amount of value...if any. Mostly we chose to give the member the benefit of the doubt and not do anything to them, maybe we should reconsider that so you can see more action amongst us mods? Maybe we should humiliate more members in threads rather then use the private infraction system? Yeah that is right, when we issue warnings for a post that breaks the rules you don't see it, the only visible moderating you could see is the closing of threads and as stated earlier that is a minor role as a moderator given the little amount of crap threads.

    Just don't be "hurt" or feel "targeted" if that harshness is dealt to you. Of course I jest because I, as most mods here, chose not to humiliate members by warning them openly nor do we "target" people. Frankly I don't care if you think I or other mods are inactive because I promise you that I and they do their part to make sure AO is running smooth...and ultimately we don't answer to you.

    Being a mod here isn't always easy nor is it always a visible role we portray. I suggest allowing DB to keep doing his job and you shutting your mouth about the job we do. Harsh? Well let me moderate.

    Quote from the rules:
    8. The Moderators and Administration are the authority of this site. Do not argue, disrespect or harass them in anyway, either via private messages, e-mail, on the board, or through any other form of communication.
    If you have a problem:
    Quote from the rules:
    6. In the event an argument arises between you and a Moderator of this forum, and you believe you have been dealt with unfairly, please contact an administrator presenting the full case. He will review the situation and take necessary action.
    Now I am closing this thread as the Site Owner has already stated that he is fine with the current staff's actions and thus this thread only serves to break the site rule stated above.

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    Re: Staff Involvement

    Aww crap. I missed out on all the fun.

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