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Thread: Is there any way to delete a photo we've uploaded to the gallery?

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    Is there any way to delete a photo we've uploaded to the gallery?

    Moderators have the option to delete and edit all works, so it's difficult for us to know what non-moderation staff can and can't see/have access to. In THEORY you should be able to edit your own uploads, but I could have sworn that, during my own time as a regular member: there was no obvious way to move or delete your own images.

    I mentioned it to DB once, but he assured me the options are there. Maybe I overlooked them.

    If they ARE there, they should appear at the bottom of your post as a series of icons along with "report post", "etc"

    You should be able delete your post through the "edit post" icon.
    Resolved, thanks for the help... _| ̄|○ I'll be more careful next time.
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