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Thread: Is there anything stopping people from stealing our stories?

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    Is there anything stopping people from stealing our stories?

    Ok this is a concern that has stopped me from posting anything else here on AO. I'm the kind of person who really likes to write fantasy (or phantasy depending on where you're from) and I am writing many different stories and a few (21) of my (ridiculously large number) friends have been helping me by reading along in the stories and telling me where they don't make sense and... well you get the point (for those of you who don't, they have been helping me "fix" them). I told them that I had started to post one of my stories on an online site full of people who really like stories (especially creative writing) along with anime (and all of the other stuff that we're "in to" they got really serious and said that people could steal my ideas if they wanted to and rewrite them and publish them on their own. This is really bad for me because I want to be a really great author when I'm older (and yes, I know I have a LOOOONNNNGGG way to go before that ever happens but it IS possible for me) and it'd really suck if all of my new ideas were taken and then I'm republishing my ideas but it looks as though I've stolen them.(imagine how stupid that'd look) So, my question is... Is there anything stopping people from taking other peoples ideas and using them elsewhere here at AO? If so then I'll start writing again (as of yesterday) if not then I'm going to have to stop posting anything original.
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    Re: Is there anything stopping people from stealing our stories?

    The answer is a plain and simple: no.

    There isn't anything theftproof in this day and age. If a huge powerful coorporation like Warner Brothers can't keep Harry Potter movies off the internet: people like you and I aren't going to be able to control the theft of images, ideas or stories. We can only count on the intelligence and honor of the user-group we give those things to in the first place. There will always be a few idiots (maybe more than a few) who get sticky fingers: but at the end of the day -- you have the knowledge, means and creativity to create something new and they don't. If confronted by someone who knows better: they're going to flounder, get in trouble and be judged poorly... whereas you have the advantage of KNOWING beyond a doubt that your work is your own and that anyone who questions it will get a quick water-tight reply to dispell any doubt.

    If you put anything on the internet... or into the public in general these days: if it's good enough to be admired -- it's good enough to be stolen. And it will be.

    Oh well.
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    Re: Is there anything stopping people from stealing our stories?

    i don't like this but just the other day one of my stories on here was said to be just like any other story and i took it off somewhere or something. I love to write on here,with the great support of everyone on here, I continue to write,and would hate if anyone took my story off here,but alas i can't do anything.....

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    Re: Is there anything stopping people from stealing our stories?

    I was wondering why you had stopped. It seemed sudden, and with the growing length, deafening.

    It's good to hear something from you my friend. Missed ya' around the place.

    I suppose what they say is true, if someone wants your story bad enough, they will take it. You can always say, hey I have proof that I had this thought/idea/story first, because I posted it here. If they want it bad enough though....

    Well even if you don't post anymore, a few of your friends here would still love to hear your stories. I know I wouldn't steal it. I know I wouldn't want anyone stealing my stories. I suppose if I wanted to steal your work I would say that though.

    Well even if you don't post your stories anymore. You could drop by, say once a month (at least) and say hi.

    Whatever you do, I know you'll be a smash hit.

    Just remember, you promised me an autographed copy of your first book.

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