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Thread: Theres no place like home.

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    Unhappy Theres no place like home.

    Last night, everytime I was at the AO home page, I could see some computer jargin above the banner (Sorry don't know what it is or what it means). It was annoying but at least I could still view the page. This morning however, the home page can not be viewed at all... when I try I just get that damned jargin... This to be exact.

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    Luckily for me I found a link to the forums page, which I can view fine. I can go anywhere on AO.... but home.
    So ... is it just me? Somethin' wrong with MY computer? Or is it something gettin' funky on AO's end?
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    Re: Theres no place like home.

    I don’t think that Peach That’s your computer damage or just doesn’t work good because I have the same thing here in my computer...Firstly I think my stupid computer problem but I see there are many who have the same problem…

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