my girlfriend doesn't believe that it was very corporate/business like of me to do what i did, and she wantts me to i'm sorry (half true). I or one of my associates will "happily" make either sigs for all the staff, original LP's, a mini-game for the site or advertise the site through banners (which we would make). I do agree that it was very unprofessional of me and apologize for "most" of what was said. Just email me what you guys would like at either:
[email protected]
[email protected]
As far as CeleStar© is concerned, that is an affiliate/partner of my company "SB g&g© (patent pending, copyright returned)." When/if you look up Celestar©, look for it along with the word(s) Nexus wire.

Now she wants me to apologize to the whole site...but i think i'll do that later...just joking, sorry anime online i will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever do another infraction (well at least not this month).

she's such a nag lol