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Thread: whats happens when i get to 250 posts

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    whats happens when i get to 250 posts

    i was wondering if someone could tell me what actually happens when i get to 250 posts cause ive been trying to get there but im not sure why. could one of the admins,mods,or anyone tell me

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    Re: whats happens when i get to 250 posts

    Too answer your question, nothing happens, you simply have 250 posts. Here is a list of what happens once particular membership milestones are met.


    As you become more involved with the Anime Online community, you will notice more features becoming available to you. The following milestones can be achieved:
    • Registered Member
      Simply by registering, this is your initial usergroup.
    • Community Member
      Achieved after 30 days AND 100 posts.
    • Elite Member
      Achieved after 150 days AND 500 posts.
    • Veteran Member
      Achieved after 365 days AND 1000 posts.

    This reward system is an effective way of ensuring those that contribute to in turn receive extra privileges. Privileges may be exclusive access to certain forums, wallpapers, participation in contests and an overall less restrictive account.

    Only Community Members and above can play the Arcade.

    Moving to Feedback and Questions and closing.

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