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Thread: Yep it's the games again...

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    Re: Yep it's the games again...

    Quote Originally Posted by LichGRIFFIN View Post
    just a little question ... what's the "leaderboard" score? ... i mean i see it all the time changing but i never knew what it truly meant .. any help would be real appreciated ...
    The leaderboard scores determine how often a player is playing on the arcade, each postion they submit either in 1st to 10th they gain points E.G if you came 10th postion you would obtain 1 point, if first 10 points etc. etc. so it's basically something you work for and just tells oyu basically whos been in the arcade the most amount of times also since the other offical game destroyer was resurectted there is no need for two arcade problem pages...so one can be closed if you want MODS/ Admins

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