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Thread: I have swine flu

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    I have swine flu

    I had been feeling sick for the last past two days, so yesterday i decided to go see a doctor because my head felt like it was going to explode. One of the nurses took my temperature which read 102 degrees and got scolded for not being in bed lol. A bit later i was given the H1N1 test, the first time came back negative, but the second try came back positive, but not conclusive. Although, i was told by the doctor that chances were that i have swine flu but not fully developed which was good, so me no gonna die, yay!

    I have to rest for 48 hours and drinks lots of water T.T

    On a side note, i just got my refund money from school ^^

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    Re: I have swine flu

    Aww... you poor thing! Anywho, hope you get to feeling better.

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    Re: I have swine flu

    If resting and drinking water is all that you have to do. Getting a the swine flu isn't so bad.
    Just sit back and think about how you're going to carry it with you for the rest of your life.

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    Re: I have swine flu

    I had a case of that a month ago maybe from school or my mom and dad caught it from their Jobs, Heck i don't remember How I got it but I do remember how i got rid of it. I ate Raw onions, and when it was like lunch time , I would Chop up onions and add them to some hot sauce with each of my meals and I drunk orange Juice all the time, and with the help of rest, coke, oj, onions and hot sauce. the flu was going out of me in two weeks top. I did not one single pill. But different stokes for different folks.

    Feel better my freind.

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    Re: I have swine flu

    That sucks you must have it bad they say Swine Flu is not as bad as Regular Flu but I hope you get to feeling better .

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