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Thread: boom~ shaka~ laka~

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    is On Point Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi's Avatar
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    boom~ shaka~ laka~

    YouTube - Muscle March

    America NEEDS this game.

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    Devoted Otaku Wuzzler Champion, Stan James Freekick Champion, Sports Bar Champion, Kill Tweety Champion, Bloody Pingu Champion, One Ton Bang Bang Champion receiverofhell may be famous one day receiverofhell's Avatar
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    Re: boom~ shaka~ laka~

    I agree and why i can double vote on this poll? Oh is it a commercial isn't it?
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...[/IMG

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    Slam Dunk Da Funk Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai's Avatar
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    Re: boom~ shaka~ laka~

    No one else posted here????

    Psh... first no one wanted to post on the awesome Obama joke Abu and I made, then no one wants to comment on one of the most awesomest WiiWare games in existence!

    ...what's wrong with these peeps? It's like they're transforming into an unrecognizable group who were turned against us after rumors had spread that we had found what was known as the "Crystal Flower"... though once friends, they have turned enemies - due to their fears, anxieties, and past loyalties, disowning us and wishing we'd just be erased from existence so they can ignore the guilt growing inside their hearts.
    They want to forget. They want to just forget it all. Move on, as if there was never a problem. As if we never existed...

    Well I say "Nay!". "Nay!" Claim denial to this, my brethrens! We shall fight their accursed beliefs and cowardly ways with not just the goodness of our souls, but with the justice within the edges of our blades, the fury within our grips, and the righteousness of our roars as we storm into glory!
    Listen now my fellow blood... for years they have held our hands in kinship, married into our daughters with love and trust, claimed spoils within our victories! Yet now they turn their backs like we were the unwanted shadows, like diseased vermin, like destructive monsters! ...our bond, my brethren... our bond has been broken with them...
    No blood, no history, no soul keeps us with them... for now, we are their enemies. From now on, they shall be our enemies.

    I know you grow tired of this treatment as much as I am growing weary of their hatred... so unite my neighbors, my family, my true friends! Unite! We shall fight them on their land, in their homes and blahblahblahyaddayaddaaaa...

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