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Thread: kei~ kei~ kei~

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    is On Point Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi's Avatar
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    kei~ kei~ kei~

    hey guys, how ya doin?
    not much seems to be going around AO, but then again, is anything nowadays?

    have been busy with Summer School and hangin' out with the old SOSH!
    it's been pretty good so far though~

    have been watching K-On! lately~ just finished the episode of their first concert today~

    i felt bad for Mio... now she can never get married ! !
    (psst! don't tell anyone! but i thought it was funny that ONE person took a picture! tee hee!)
    (psssssst! now i get Zyta's avatar of that girl with the little ghosties around her head! and the picture of the blue-striped bowl of rice!)

    cannot decide if i like the opening song (YouTube - けいおん![K-ON!] OP - {HD}) or the ending song (YouTube - けいおん![K-ON!] ED - {HD})...
    i guess they're completed different styles going for a different feel, so it's an Apples/Oranges situation, ya know?
    (psst! for the ending song, why are they naked? and they should have done something else with blond girl's hair! love the green stockings and the stripped stockings though~)

    what else... oh, does every "slice of life" show have to have a beach/hot springs/bath episode?
    and if so, is it for more than just the dudes watching the show?
    the Abu does not understand the intricacies~

    and how come they don't get fat from eating cake everyday??????

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    :Yuki fan: Spider Jump Champion Shinku no kage is making a name for themselves Shinku no kage is making a name for themselves Shinku no kage's Avatar
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    Re: kei~ kei~ kei~

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying "K-ON!" Abu. (^_^)

    Mio can still get me. (@v@) (I'm an broken person to be saying such things) LOLS, now you finally get the reference to the pics. The original manga just shows "it" rather than reference it via the rice bowl.

    Ah, the OP and ED, lovely arent they? Personally I enjoy the ED the most...but strangely enough I seem to like the OP more on a sub-conscious level. I say this cuz I have both songs on my I-pod which I use as my morning alarm now and a while back I used to have the ED as the first song to play as soon as the alarm goes off...but strangely enough it didnt wake me up, the OP did...which was weird cuz the OP is way down the bottom of the play list so it didnt start playing til 2hours after the ED played. (@_@_)

    Though its even more strange that I slept through two hours of music at MAX volume on my stereo. (@_@)

    As for the hot springs/beach/bath scenes. In all honesty I'd have to say that it is indeed geared towards fan service as a majority of the viewers are male. *in some cases of some series its also because some of these animes dont air til late night/early morning* But in the series' defense I have to say that its also a basis for a story, they have to use whatever they can for a "slice-of-life" genre, its not an "everything goes" kinda thing.

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    Re: kei~ kei~ kei~

    I'm not exactly sure why you wanted me to read this hun. I have nothing to say about the topic than things I've already told you.

    ........ .........

    In poll-related news: NOPE! Haven't had a song stuck in my head for....... about a month I believe. It's a nice feeling.

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