(rockin' out to Faith by George Michael, whatever you do it to!)

anyways! what kind of headphones do you guys wear when you rock out on the go?

Abu has the Skullcandy Riot in-ear type phones, in pretty colors! Riot Cyan/Pink

(rockin'out to that one remix with Journey and Lady Gaga - Soshi knows what i'm talking about, good song!)

i very much like the riot, it has amazing bass for such little head phones! you can feel the bass in your head! it's crazy!

though i do have to say, Soshi's Bose headphones totally spoiled me! took me a while to get used to the Riot cuz i kept thinking, "these are good, but they're not Bose. . ."

can you tell Abu is just wasting time? she is at school right now, got out of class early becuz she finished her test early. always finish tests early, doesn't mean i get good grades though! most times it's a solid B or a C+, which is good for me!