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Thread: ree~ lee~ fee~ lee

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    is On Point Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi's Avatar
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    ree~ lee~ fee~ lee

    hey guys~

    went to my friend Brittany's wedding~
    it was a very nice ceremony, and the pastor said lots of good stuff~
    but we didn't stick around for very long cuz there were not enough seats for us...

    they didn't even have our names on those little place cards...
    personally, just felt really out of place and nervous...

    Brittany is a close friend, but not a good friend... ya know?

    like did you ever know those people in high school who were your friend, but only when they're "real" friends weren't around?
    yeah, that kinda thing...

    i know she didn't mean for that to happen...
    after all, we only got back in contact a week before the wedding...
    her mom was the one who planned it, so that might explain the lack of seating and name cards...
    and we couldn't really talk cuz they were taking all their wedding picture stuff...

    but when you feel like ya don't belong, it's hard to shake that... ya know?

    of course Soshi wasn't that affected, he didn't want to talk to anyone anyways~

    and like my parents said, it was nice enough for her to invite us and for us to go~

    i'm really looking forward to upcoming Nintendo games~
    especially Muramasa: the Demon Blade, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, Scribblenauts~

    to be honest though, not super excited for the new Harvest Moons~
    feels like it's getting more complicated, and haven't even finished any of mah previous ones...

    they've been coming out with plushies you get from pre-ordering (so far it's been a cow, chicken, and cat for different games), but will just go to eBay for those~

    ( >_<) guess who's dad keeps asking what Facebook is...

    and he's been talking for a long time about getting a laptop and a Blackberry...

    really, Dad? really?


    i don't want to do my art homework...
    i've missed a lot of assignments...
    and i'm too scared to ask cuz one of them was the mid-term...

    ( >_<) totally deserve it, but it would suck to fail after all this trauma...

    oh the art work is drawing two magazine people in pencil...

    i suck at drawing...
    i like doodling!
    it's embarrassing...
    being posted next to all those other pretty pictures...
    feeling like the pot hole on a pleasant country road...

    Darling visited my Animal Crossing town today~
    does anyone else still play?

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    Slam Dunk Da Funk Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai's Avatar
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    Re: ree~ lee~ fee~ lee

    Sorry babe. But facts are facts, a popular girl's always a popular girl.
    In a fashion, you should feel some pride that she had you as a friend. In a way, those "real friends" of her's aren't really her real friends.
    They're her face-friends.
    Friends she had when she had to put her "face" on.

    In reality, you were her real friend. She could be honest with you.
    It almost felt like she was trying to make up for all the shallowness of her life with her friends by being friends with you.
    I doubt she was friends just because you got with me.
    If that were the case, her friends would've tried befriending you from the get-go as well.
    I think she just really needed an honest friend.

    - - - -

    Oh and btw: You should be careful when you say "Nintendo games"... obviously the games you mentioned weren't Nintendo-made, nor Nintendo-published... so, gamers and fanboys would get pissed at you for calling something a "Nintendo game" when it's obviously Platinum, Capcom, or etc...
    It's like calling every video game system a "Nintendo".

    Of course, you don't care... you like pissing them off.

    - - - - - -

    ^^ Glad you finally care for Scribblenauts. That game deserves the attention it's finally getting. ...of course, now that it's become the most popular thing ever since the E3, we HAVE TO preorder it.

    Glad those dudes are getting the cashcow, Lock's Quest deserved more praise and Drawn to Life should've been advertised as "cute as hell" before being sold (too "kiddy" for most peeps).

    I'm totally gettin' Scribblenauts and Drawn to Life 2.
    We'll both get a copy of Scribblenauts. It'll be t3h awesome.

    - - - -

    Y'know what, babe? Screw the other people in your class! Draw with skill in passion for your assignments! Pass that class! Even if it means BARELY passing it!
    Those hoity toity artsy fartsies may be able to draw, but they hardly have the soul that you does, mah babeh labeh~!

    Just pass.

    - - - - -

    I don't care what you say about Harvest Moon games... we're getting that Animal March one... I wanna' raise an Ostrich.

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    Otaku xxoxx is off to a good start xxoxx's Avatar
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    Re: ree~ lee~ fee~ lee

    Aww That was an embarrassing situation is not? But, the Good thing happened that she didn’t forget to invite you..Ha-ha

    Not Much interesting in that (Nintendo games).

    Art homework, Come in I think it will be the EASYEST Homework ever.But, try to catch up what did you miss...

    Good luck by the way ^^

    Foolish beating

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    is On Point Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi's Avatar
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    Re: ree~ lee~ fee~ lee

    thank you Darling~

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