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Thread: Say Wha~

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    is On Point Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi's Avatar
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    Say Wha~

    Speech was a b!tch! had to make an informal magazine about communication, and it took me (and my Darling) ****ing 10 hours to make ours!! separately!!!!
    we got no ****ing sleep that night, had a big math test in the morning (that i bombed, mostly), and could do the homework!

    what took so long? twas 16 folded pages worth of stickers, hand drawn comics, cut out paper, and all that hand made crap...
    not to mention, we had no energy cuz we wasted it on the 3 hours it takes to get home by Metro (not dissing Metro, just saying), so we had to really on soda and pizza...
    we started dying out at around 3-4am...

    but we did it! we got ours done! and they were the two most creative ones in class (his was about how to become a Secret Agent by improving communication skills, and mine was about Mr Foxie and Big Dumb Puppy becoming better best friends through communication).

    Yeah... but it's done and that's awesome~

    ( ^o^)/ hopefully the group work won't be as stressing~

    \(^o^ ) have also been thinking about doing the missed math homework (even though it won't count for anything)... but "i say that now" in all honesty~

    And yeah... Little Tokyo was fun today though~

    oh! and i've started reading Dragon Ball manga! yay! the VIZBIG editions! it's got 3 manga in one for less than $20~

    what else...

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    Slam Dunk Da Funk Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai's Avatar
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    Re: Say Wha~

    Don't forget to mention that you got a ninja pillow... and a... green... plushie... thingy!!!

    Glad you had fun babe. Sorry I've been falling asleep so much lately. Not so used to commuting as you are.

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