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Thread: scu-scuttle-scuttle!

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    been scurring all over the internet... trying to find great gifts for Soshi and family that i probably don't have the money for... but hey, you never know when a $20 will spring up, so it's best to plan ahead...

    mah list so far:

    None ya business!!!

    ||Pops- a Johnny Crawford CD, and maybe Dean Martin if he's lucky...
    ||Mamacita- Betty Boop Throw Blanket (hey, she loves Betty Boop!), and the mix CD she wanted for her birthday, if she's lucky...
    ||Grandma- um... something from AVON, cuz what do you get for an 86(?) year old lady?
    ||da Big Sis- honestly, i haven't even figured out what to get her for her birthday (which is the 18th)... maybe a $20 check to get a CD? oh! and it can be all lame and in a card and it'll say "now don't spend it all in one place!"
    ||Bah-toria (the neice)- want to make her a cute panda scarf, but we'll see how much fabric costs...

    Extended Family:
    ||Soshi's Mom- ugh, no idea... don't even want to think about it...
    ||Soshi's Auntie- same as above...
    ||Soshi's Cool Cousin- same as above, but that's cuz it has to be awesome, but i don't know what kind of awesome...

    Christmas is not about money, or gifts or anything like that... it's celebrating Jesus' birth... and everything that He gave to us...

    and in that sense, would just like to celebrate what all the ones i love have given me... which has been so much... especially from you Darling, without you... God, i don't know where i'd be (Soshi might say: somewhere boring? and i'd whole heartedly agree)...

    *sigh* we'll just see how everything pans out, okay?

    (^o^ ) how is everyone else's Christmas shopping going???
    ( ^_^) get anything good?

    oh! and i finished a book! yayay! it's been a while!
    it was about Dewey Readmore Books! he was an orange taby cat that became the most famous library cat in the whole world! it was how he loved people that made him so great!

    not much of a cat person, but the story (written by the head librarian at the time, who was also Dewey's mom, basically) was very sweet. don't really agree with the author and her methods, but Dewey's is a captivating story that's written wonderfully well!

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    Re: scu-scuttle-scuttle!

    Quote Originally Posted by Abu Dhabi View Post
    (^o^ ) who is everyone else's Christmas shopping going???
    ( ^_^) get anything good?
    ...who is everyone else's Christmas shopping?
    ... Why Santa, of course!

    It's going okay. I haven't really started since I bought those things for Anthony... but it is planned out. I just wonder how and when I'll execute it.

    Oh, and the reason why I chose "by myself" including with you, is because I can sleep either alone or with you...
    Meaning, if for some weird reason (REALLY WEIRD) I lost a fight, I wouldn't mind sleeping on the couch.
    ...and notice I didn't put blanket or pillow or plushie... because I can use anything for comfort, posture, and warmth reasons...
    (T_T ...more like I HAD TO back then... everytime my pillows and blankets were washed, I had to sleep many nights without any of those... I had to use my old clothes -or even sometimes: things such as boxes and bags- to get some sleep)

    I do prefer sleeping with you though, hun! I just tend to hate it when you make me REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY WARM.
    ...but since it's Winter, I don't mind it as much.

    I luv ya'! Good luck with your C-mas shoppin'!

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    Re: scu-scuttle-scuttle!

    I used to sleep with a hippo but then my dog stole it soo now it's just a pillow.

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    Re: scu-scuttle-scuttle!

    Sleep by myself, for the safety of others... I have a tendency to punch during bad dreams. xD

    'Cause you give me something / That makes me scared, alright / This could be nothing / But I'm willing to give it a try / Please give me something
    'Cause someday I might call you from my heart

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