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Thread: uh~ ugh~ err~

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    is On Point Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi is making a name for themselves Abu Dhabi's Avatar
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    uh~ ugh~ err~

    Abu is the tired from trying to teach kids life lessons...

    but guess what Soshi was nice enough to buy for her!!
    Mame Shiba Push Light -- Soy Bean Shiba *Pre-Order*

    Darling loves me~

    what else?
    art class is going okay, am glad it's ending soon.
    very much enjoyed working with ink, and pencil is kinda fun.
    just wish we could learning hatching and stuff, but i guess that's what books are for~

    Soshi thought it would be cool to have a class that teaches you to draw comics!
    and since then i've been thinking that'd be a really good idea!
    could learn all them shadings and hatchings and cool stuff!
    ... aw, but i'd have to sit away from all the creepy dudes (which may be everyone in the class)...

    what else?
    oh! am going to be getting hard drives for Darling and me!
    he's getting a white 1 TB one, and i'm getting a red 320 GB one!
    ain't that cool?
    getting Soshi one cuz i broke his other hard drive like a year ago or two ago...
    and this is the first time since then i've been able to actually afford it!
    getting mahself one cuz i want to download unlicensed anime and save my comics!

    oh, and school i guess...

    what else?

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    Slam Dunk Da Funk Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai is making a name for themselves Soshi Kitai's Avatar
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    Re: uh~ ugh~ err~

    You're cute. ^_^ And thank ya' babe. ...for planning to get me the harddrive and such.

    Sorry you had a long day. Just sleep now.

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