hey wow, been a while~

what's up in el mundo de Abu?
  • finished Mass Effect 2 last week! awesome game! made my top ten! taking a week off before the next run through because my brain was turning into a spacey jello~
  • spring semester will be starting in a few weeks, not looking forward to it. however, it would be nice to learn how to paint. and you can only wake up just before 2:30pm to go to work only so many times~
  • Herbal Essence is actually a very nice shampoo/conditioner combo! i've been using the color-treatment version for my highlights, and the locks have been looking better every wash~
  • am super excited to see what Soshi has planned for Valentine's Day! it will be decidedly smaller than previous V-Days due to funding, but it still promises to be a wonderfully, wonderful day~

and yeah