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Thread: Vamlumtime's Day!

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    Vamlumtime's Day!

    Hi everybody! how was your Vamlumtime's (Valentine's) Day?

    our's was great!

    Soshi made me a Valentine's stage on LittleBigPlanet! it was so sweet and cute!! especially how he drew himself! and running through the trees and hearing birds was one of the most beautiful moments ever! it made me cry and hug Darling to pieces!!

    but we had to get going! for Little Tokyo awaited!!

    we left the house at about 8:30am!
    and then we got on the wrong bus!
    then we got on the right bus!
    then we got on the right train!
    then we got off at the wrong stop!

    we got to walk through Skid Row!
    but it was the morning and they were having a Revival, so it wasn't that scary, and most of the bad ones probably weren't even awake yet!

    we spent the day hanging out at Little Tokyo! we shopped and ate and talked and giggled and shopped some more and then giggled some more!

    most of the giggling was due to a huge crowd of ugly, fat otakus staining for attention in the middle of the plaza by talking loudly and wearing horrible Naruto costumes and Japanese school skirts! hu-zzah!

    was telling Soshi that i'd totally yell "You suck!!" or "Your costumes suck" or something to that degree if he wanted...

    but he said no... ...

    but it was wonderful to have a day all to ourselves again! it's been rough the past month or so, with everything piling on top of us again....

    but it was a little sad to see how the places are changing... like how are favorite supermarket with the awesome food court is being taken over... just hope they still have a food court that's kinda good...

    dunno if i'll have curry udon ever again...

    but on to brighter topics!

    \(^o^)/ one thing that hasn't changed is Soshi's favorite restaurant! it caters to the working man! it's got good food and booze! Soshi had the beef bowl he loves, and i had the quite tasty Chicken curry! yummy! we drank Sunkist and Dr. Pepper! there was also green tea ice cream from a favorite ice cream place and a green tea milk shake from the same place! after we finished our ice cream!

    as for presents:

    i gave Soshi a Monster Hunter Illustrations book (it's friggin huge!), a set of chibi DBZ figurines (i'll post 'em sometime), a Dragon Radar (heck yes!), See's chocolates, more chocolates, an awesome ZOIDS RZ-001 (a.k.a. a T-Rex!), a book called A Lovely Love Story, Frosted Flakes and KRAFT cheese (he hasn't had 'em in a while)!! and he bought himself a light bulb, one of those spray things for the keyboard, a DVD of Glory and The Patriot!!

    Soshi gave me a Chococat pillow, an adorable fork/spoon/chopsticks set, Pandapple gloves, a Totoro bag, a bento cookbook, and an adorable Hello Kitty key topper, and an adorable orange/yellow plushie that holds your cellphone!! and i bought meself two awesome bottle holders that look like this and this, (they really do work!), an Fairy Musketeers Akazukin artbook, Ramune and Calpico candy, and drinks to try out the holders!

    there was tons more stuff that Soshi and i wanted, but there's only so deep our wallets can go!! (psst! was looking for Lucky Star stuff the whole time, but nothing good came up...) we also went to Walmart on the way home to see if they had DBZ season 8... but...

    it could not be found! so instead we came home and watched a special on the St. Valentine's Day massacre, then ate packaged Yakisoba while watching Hook!!

    so yeah, it was a great day...
    the best part was...

    love you Darling!!
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    Re: Vamlumtime's Day!

    ^__^ Sorry for the "closure" of the market hun... it'd be retarded if they got rid of the Sakura food court-thing. Let's hope the new owner isn't retarded.

    ...I also hope all the "LEASED" signs means good new shops... not a "culture-rape".



    You claim you love Japanese culture, but the Japanese residents HATE YOU. THEY REALLY DO. GET A CLUE.

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