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Thread: More in the life of

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    More in the life of

    Well, today my day has been alright ... I feel so bad on many reasons ... but I'm trying to look in the bright side of things. I tend to do that a lot ... I don't want people being upset because of me being upset. I always put others in front of my own feelings u___u;;

    Well ... grandma is in the hospital now. Found out when mom and dad were fighting yesterday. Nice way to find out, huh? :/ Well anyways, I was worried so I asked dad if she was okay. He told me she had a weak heart ... I wouldn't blame her after grandpa died ... I feel really sad ... I told him I'd go see her today ... but he wanted me to go see her at 10 at night. I didn't want to go because I had such a tiring day yesterday. So I told him no ... he kept like pushing us to go. It was so annoying ... I don't want to go with him But I have to ...

    He came back at 5 in the morning doing who knows what. So now he just left to go out :/ He didn't even ask us anything ... figures. Well, we'll get him to take us tomorrow to go see her ... Poor grandma ... I don't want anything to happen ...

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    Re: More in the life of

    our prayers for your Grandma! !

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