Well yesterday I was sitting there thinking about a great best friend I had. He was there for me and I was there for him. We always talk everyday and stuff like that. But ya know when you hurt someone so deep you can't quite get over it. Well I did that to him. One day I realize I had feelings for him (Yeah it happens to the best of us lol) and well with the realization and well my mind being so confused I just snapped on him. And well that is something he couldnt just get over. And today I still think he hasnt fully forgiven me. I am pretty sure he has tried to but eh I guess.

I guess this is just my way of letting out old feelings that I have. But I am truely sorry for what I did but somethings can't be taken back. Even though you prayed that, that moment in time would just disappear like it never happen......I know I prayed many nights for that. But I guess that is the past and this is the future right. Time to move on...or at least try to right?....*sighs* well I guess this is a way of saying I am sorry to all those friends I hurt.....but to the ones that I did hurt who hurt me first you got what you deserve and you know who you are.

This has been another Journal entry of Kiani Haki!!!! Keep a close eye out for another one.