I have recently changed my interest from chasing after men to chasing after God. I have always been after a man and always trying to find love in hopeless relationships and now I am in the best relationship there is, a Godly relationship. I am seeking after him with my full heart and casting down anything that tries to stand between me and the Lord.

I have changed in same aspects of my life and personality. I try not to be mean or vendictive(sp). I also try to not to steal in any way, shape or form. I am also sorry for anyone I hurt in the process of my desperate rampage for a man. I have changed and I have changed the people that I put around myself. I will no longer tolerate pervertedness or hateful/rude/inconsiderate people. I realize people will not believe what I am typing but it is not about believing it is about announcing it.

That is all I wanted to say. God Bless and may your day be filled with joy.