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Thread: Woot

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    Re: Woot

    oh! oh! oh!

    and don't forget Tetris DS or Animal Crossing: Wild World! Tetris becuz it's a classic, and Animal Crossing cuz it's a great way to spend an hour!! or three!!

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    Re: Woot

    Thanks for the recommendation guys! I have a list to get through now xD

    Quote Originally Posted by Soshi Kitai View Post
    Some products are awful and too thick for your Stylus. Some products are pre-dirty for some reason.
    It's rare to find the original ones nowadays, and they even upped the price, and you mostly see it in a bulk package now. *sigh*
    Good quality screen stickers are rare.
    yeah, wish I did a little research before I put the protector on. Lucky it wasn't dirty or anything but it is making it harder to touch in some areas of the screen >____< Think I might just take it off and try to be a bit more careful!

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    Re: Woot

    A DS eh? I can recommend the following games:

    -Disgaea DS:
    Yet another remake to the PS2 epic. Like its PSP counter-part it has an all new scenario added dubbed "Etna Mode" which is a "what if" situation if the main character Laharl wasnt the main character. It also offers the Wi-Fi multiplayer feature which was a long awaited feature for fans of the series. To top it off its Nippon Ichi Software touch gives it a HUGE amount of playing to do...depending on how far you want to get into it. You could just play through the main story in a few hours or attempt to do all extra stages that could possibly take you forever!!! (I'll give you an idea: Average level needed to clear the main story: 90ish. In game max level = 9,999. Yes, 9,999!!!!!)

    Final Fantasy lll:
    The only US port to the third title of the FF series. With its renewed graphics, gameplay, and...well, everything else for the DS its a must have if you're an RPG and/or RPG fan. Other games from SquareEnix that I can recommend is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate and Chocobo Tales.

    Elite Beat Agents:
    A kick-ass music game. Few music games are successful but this game is great. In the same genre I can also recommend "Ontamarama", which is actually quite difficult but rather entertaining once you get used to the gameplay. (Plus by now its really cheap)

    Harvest Moon series:
    Great way to kill time without really "wasting" any of it either. LOLs
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