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Thread: ahhh I hope I'm just sick.

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    ahhh I hope I'm just sick.

    I hope this isn't the beginning of labor again.
    I am either getting sick, or I'm going to go into labor soon.
    This is how it started last time:
    About a week before I started feeling not quite right.
    More fatigued (Probably due to the baby being so near my lungs and making breathing IMPOSSIBLE)
    nausiated, unsatisfied by everything I ate or being made sick by everything I ate
    Then I alternated between being constipated(majorly) or having the runs. (I know a little tmi)
    And then I was constipated two days in a row and thought it was a third but it turned out to be labor and here was Ahnika in all her iridescent blue pale glory. (Seriously she was so light skinned and pale she looked blue to me for the first two days. Now she's so pretty brown I love it.)

    And the last few days I've been feeling super icky. Just not quite right, achy and headachy and stuff.
    Saturday I did a little around the house, and slept the rest of the day. I was exhausted. And I can't stay up past eleven now period. I pass the hell out.
    I had uncomfortible bathroom stuff yesterday (Not sharing the tmi this time. needless to say it was much like last time started out.)
    I've felt sick pretty much every time I have eaten in the last few days, between feeling generally nausiated again. (Butter noodles, and apples which never have ever given me stomach problems, have both made me feel like throwing up and NOT cus I ate too much.)

    So I really totally hope, that I'm not going into labor in the next few days. After the 30th, ok. fine. Or even ON the 30th would be ok. But A) I'd like her not to be born before her sisters birthday, so they're actually a year apart. and B) I don't want to have her before Jeremy's birthday either, it's just so much for the begaining of the month. But I AM ready to not be pregnant, I'm not particularly worried she won't be healthy, I'll know for sure on wed how I feel about that as I have the ultrasound to make sure she's growing properly. But I was born next week in my moms pregnancy with me (35 weeks) and I was not in the best of shape but it wasn't because I was born early. I had kidney reflux, which was likely a side effect/caused by my spina bifida. Which had nothing to do with me being born nearly a month early. (Due July 24th, born June 26th.)
    I'm not super optimistic this isn't the start of labor. But if it is, at least, I THINK she'll hold out till after christmas. I really hope I make it to the 30th though.

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    Re: ahhh I hope I'm just sick.

    ok, well... you were just sick... so now... GET THAT BABY OUT!
    ... Not Ever Again...

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