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Thread: alternative medacine?

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    alternative medacine?

    I've decided.... that I don't need to just change my looks. I need t ochange a lot of things. Yeah the way I look since it makes me unhappy is an easy place to start. But I've decided to start taking better care of myself. I feel generally icky a lot. I have trouble sleeping, I have chronic headaches and back pain. And none of this is due to the pregnancy, this was all before BOTH pregnancy's and has been exacerbated since. I am also extremely depressed and have really terrible gingivitis.

    I hate drugs. So that's not going to do me any good. I don't want to try new anti-depressants, especially while pregnant. Mood stabilizers would probably be a better idea for my bipolar ass anyways.

    So... I know this earthy fairy chick. She wouldn't call herself a fairy. But she reminds me of one. And she's into holistic healing, angels, crystal power and stuff like that. She makes me feel good just talking to or being around her. And I know this other chick, thick beautiful black girl who went to an arts school and is a rapper now who has no faith in western medicine. And they have both inspired me to try some alternative medicine ways to deal with some of my issues.

    I read about this deal called oil pulling, because the second woman mentioned above just started her own trial with it. She is on day three and she said ti has been helping. She said she's been sleeping better and her teeth seem whiter already. But what she said was amazing was that she saw signs of detox already. She said she broke out and the side of her mouth that she has a problem tooth on was swollen the first two days. And that now day three it is calming down. Now... the idea... sounds gross to me. As hell actually. You take a natural oil, preferably sunflower or sesame (which I actually think we have in our cabnet, and I don't like cooking with it so it would be conveniant.) but olive or any cooking oil is supposed to be effective. You take a table spoon, and slowly swish and chomp and move it around and between your teeth through your mouth. Till it becomes thin and frothy and white. It's supposed to be ten to twenty minutes that you do this (which will be the hard part for me.) And the oil supposedly pulls mucous and toxins from your body through your mouth. You spit the stuff out at the end, rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, and have a glass of water. Sounds simple enough. And I think it's a good way to start at least. That and more regular showers. Since the baby I don't get to shower as often as I like. Not that I go stinky or gross or anything. But I don't get to be as clean as I want or would like. So I figure now that she's older I can stick her in the shower with me or something if I want to. And it should go smoother. I'm also going to look into some other things I can do. I found a great site for alternative medicine and folk remedies.

    Any suggestions? Anything you do that makes you feel particularly pretty, or good?
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    Re: alternative medacine?

    I shower a lot. I love it... its like the cure for everything.

    That oil thingie you're doing sounds gross... doable, but nasty... let me know haw that works for you.

    Also, Im quite ignorant to the topic... yet interested. I could never stomach or tolerate much in the way of synthetic meds. Pharmeceuticals are lame sometimes. I'm persuing bio feedback therapy for ADHD and depression. Other than that, you'd learn more than what I know, in no time, (doing your own research and what not). So you should keep me (us) posted on what other interesting stuff you find out..
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