I hate how easily it is to make things sound different. All you have to do is leave something out or put it out of context and no one understands. They all assume some basic bit of truth is the whole truth. And that is rarely the case.
It's kind of like how impossible it is to tell sarcasm online. I hate that. I'm a pretty sarcastic person and I don't know why some people who know me have a hard time telling my tone. But it's usually because the other person is feeling guilty of something or feels like I may think I have a reason to be combative. The thing is... I don't want to. I am tired of fighting. I'm tired of feeling bad. I'm tired of confrontation and I don't want anymore. I want my one friend. And my friends online and my family. That's enough for me. Hell cleaning my dinky apartment is overwhelming and you want me to worry about getting my feelings hurt by you? (Figurative "you" here.) No thanks. The only people I care to invest myself in at this point are first and formost myself. Second are my kids, third Jeremy, and then my Peachy poo and the rest of my family. Because I love these people and when they hurt me they take it on if they know it. If they don't it was a sincerely honest accident.
I love that Peach is my friend and my online friends because I love my online friends. I love how easy I find it is to talk and be free with them there. But I also love that she and I can hang out in person. Even if we don't do anything but chill and talk then too! I'm hoping when my life is more in order and I'm more of a normal person that I can get to do things wit her. Go to happy hour, go out for sushi, go shopping for christmas presents. That's one of my favorite things to do you know. I love to buy christmas presents. Especially kids and now I have two girls of my own to buy all the cool toys I wanna play with for! I am way excited.
Well I'm tired of elmo and a messy house so I think I'll get to it and then change the movie!