I love food. I think my favorite protien is chicken. You can do so much with chicken. But you know the best chicken? FRIED chicken. And I am fortunate enough to know two people who make the most awesome amazing fried chicken. The BEST fried chicken award goes to my lovely friend Peach. Her fried chicken could stop wars. I swear. Everyone would be too busy licking their fingers. Ad the other great fried chicken is Martha's. My sister martha makes some bomb fried chicken. It's just not quite as tasty as Ambers. AND it's the only thing she can really cook.
Amber makes good food outta crap from the cupboards. Just random items. I could go in the kitchen and look around and be like *WHINE* Theres no food!*Whine* and she'd be like *In the kitchen for a half hour and returns with amazing yumminess.* That's freakin talent man. I try to do that too but it doesn't quite work. I think in too many constraints. Yanno this and this go together so it can't go with this? I gotta stop that. Maybe it will help my art work too.
Lets see my favorite kind of food is tied. I like Thai food a whole butt ton and I like Italian food a whole butt ton too. Thai food is easy on the tummy, delicious, fresh and different to me. And Italian food is greasy and often fattening and comforting. I LOVE lasagna and pizza the most of italian food. But I like other kinds of pasta a lot too. I LOVE noodles. Any kind. Swear to bob. My favorite Thai items are fresh spring rolls with peanut vinagrette. Massamun curry made with chicken though I'm trying beef next time! And I also loooooove coconut sticky rice with mango. It's delicious yumminess warm. And when it's cold it has such a weird texture that I'm sure most people don't like it. It's kinda like rice in jello form.
My favorite weird food is pickled watermelon. I love that stuff. Ya ever had fresca in jello when you were a kid or even as an adult? Well yanno that tingly carbonated but not fizzy feeling it has, pickled watermelon has that going on. We're going to my grandma's cabin this weekend and I think we're going to do a bunch of pickling. I'm so excited.
I wanna go to the farmers market really bad and the state fair too so I donno yet if I am actually going to my grandmas in the end. But I want to. And she has some stuff for me to bring home with me so I really should. But my girls and I won't fit in my moms van with all the other kids and my sister (who I donno if she's going or not) and Jeremy has to work friday that I know of and who knows when he'll be done and ready to leave. But maybe we could go saturday. And stop at the farmers market on the way and go to the fair on friday. That'd be aweeeeesome.
I want corn on the cob and cheese curds the most. But I also want me some meat on a stick. And something deep fried and different. Lol. And I need me some martha's cookies and cotton candy to take home. I may even get corn on my way out that piece so that I can eat more other stuff ahead of time lol.
Now I'm really hungry. I'm looking up thai restaurants!