But good none the less.
My arm is stiff and sore from the damn h1n1 vaccine I let the doctor talk me into. I let them talk me into it because...my doctor was concerned about the amount of pregnant women dying from h1n1. So, I did that. He was a sweet man and he delivered Ahnika afterall.

I have a headach from my tooth, but other then that I feel ok. So I don't think it's going to kill me or anything. Lol.

I am tired, but that's an all the time thing and I am so looking forward to having all our stuff in one place and havin a kitchen to cook in. And lookin forward to hanging out with Martha and whoever else I can get to come keep me company while I go through my stuff andput things away and get rid of things.

I already found a home for my beautiful skates that I won't ever use but couldn't pass up when they were offered to me.
I intend to keep all or at least most of my art stuff from my art bin, and my collage bin. Although... I should let the collage bin go. It's a big ass box full of magazines and clippings from old magazines and stuff. I intend to make some collages, I haven't decided what for yet. But I will make some.
I have a book shelf to fill. And have decided if I fill it, and have more books I will contemplate using the other book shelf I have and getting rid of the other ones I have. Which...will be heart breaking for me. I am so emotionally attached to my books. Even books I haven't read yet. Books I have read and will never touch again. Books I read over and over again. I love my books. They're my very best friends. They never do me wrong. They never get insulted. They only ever give me escape. I love my books.
I have to go through all the baby stuff I have, and all the hand me downs from JEssiah and noelle that I have to decide what I'm keeping, so I know what I need and what we have and all that good stuff.
I need to make a list of what we need for the apartment. So far I know we need rugs, big area rugs, kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs and bedroom rugs. We also need a new bed. And I haven't checked out the condition of my daughters crib but we might need a new one of those too. But that's ok she wont' sleep in it long and the new baby will be as soon as Ahnika doesn't. (Until then we plan on sleeping the new baby with us at first and in the bassinet as much as possible.) We need an entertainment stand. And other then that I have to wait till we have everything together in the house before I know what else we need.
Anyways I'll be glad to have internet and stuff in my apartment. I also need a phone. I'm kinda hoping to get a prepaid phone from tmoble but will probably just be happy with a house phone through the cable company. I just can't wait to be settled.
Oh and thanks giving is going to rock. Yes yes it is. I am going to my sisters. I'm eating at my moms. And I am going to have one hell of a good day by dangit. I am determined.

In other news. I loooove to watch my baby play when she's unaware of being watched. It's so cute. And quite funny.
She (my daughter) get's bullied by my niece she takes her toys all the time and stuff like that. But today she fought my nephew for a toy he was taking from her. IT was quite funny. And after that she tried to take something away from my niece that bullies her.
My niece and nephew are currently on the floor taring up paper like they're unwrapping presents. It's so cute. THey're practicing for christmas. Anywho off to release some steam. And chill with the daddy of my child.