Dealing with them is worse then dealing with children. Because children don't know any better and an adult should.
What's ALMOST as annoying as that is talking to an adult and feeling like your talking to a child. I know a NUMBER of people that make me feel like talking to children. It happens a lot more online in person and from females a lot more then males. But I find the behavior in men, a lot less appealing. It's just gross. Grow up people and act your age. That mess ain't cute.
It's childish and -annoying- usually because that's how they go about the business of acting like a kid. They're overly hyper overly cutesy and the females often use that disgusting baby talk voice that makes me wanna knock a broad out. Seriously. I'm lucky I've never had to deal with one of these types of women a lot. I do unfortunately have to deal with a number of men like this and it drives me insane.
My sisters (multiple) boyfriends are like this. I swear to god my sisters baby's daddy is the most ignorant argumentative idiot I've ever met. And he always thinks he's right. It's nuts and it's not cool at all. The other sisters boyfriend...oh he's just disgusting always cracking jokes and being disrespectful and loud. Talking like he's better then someone and stuff like that. It's really stupid. Gawd.
At least dealing with these types of people online means I can always hit the block/ignore button and hear from them no more. But in real life... There is no such button. I mean unless I punch someone in the grill. Which is just inappropriate and in most places illegal. But it'd be nice to hit these individuals in the grill to shut them up a little. Hehe.