I'm still exhausted all the time from this pregnancy and I'm still sick all the time. I swear that part was supposed to and did get easier after the first trimester last time. But it hasn't this time. I go to the doctor finally on wed though and I'm nervous but excited. I will be able to schedule an ultrasound soon. I'm already sixteen or seventeen weeks and they do them at nineteen to twenty five at my clinic if I remember correctly.
The discomfort has already started too though which really sucks. I have been having trouble sleeping the last few nights because I'm sore and stiff and uncomfortable. MY hips ache and so does my back. I will have to break out the full body pillow early this time I think. As soon as my boyfriend gets our bed in our house and put together so I can stop sleeping on the floor like a refugee.

Meanwhile my daughter is awesomely photographic, that or my new camera is just way cooler then words. Which is true to me. But I donno if it's just because I enjoy the auto setting that is obviously way souped up since the last release of the very same camera. Because it was NOT this cool before. But boy am I in love with the thing. It's awesome sauce. Anyways she's getting big. She stands up at the table in the livingroom. LOVES to eat, her cousin snuck her piece of chicken the other day and she nommed the heck out of it. Didn't choke or anything chewed with her two little teeth and made dino noises till it was gone. IT was adorable. She's currently banging my crackers around on the floor trying to get the wrapper off.

OH And I had sushi for the first real time the other day. Theres a new Japanese restaurant near my house and it's awesome sauce. I can't wait to go back and try some other things. Last time I had a dynamite roll, which is a california roll with fish mixed in spicy sauce which I'm sure was just spicy mayo on top and the fish is cooked a little. So the roll gets just SLIGHTLY warm. It was delicious. I also successfully used the chopsticks again. I was so proud of myself eating my japanese food like a japanese with my chopsticks and everything. LOL! I have been day dreaming about sushi since then though lol. That restaurant is totally my new pregnant craving.

Now I'm hungry dangit.