This is really the only video game I play right now. I've been looking for new ones but not a lot catches my interest. A lot of games are dumb or boring to me. Or too out of my skill level. I can't play fighting games. I suck at that button combination stuff. So I can't play those.
L4D and L4D 2 are really the only new games I'm interested in. I used to like some other video games. I had donkey kong and stuff like that for my Snes when that was a little past it's prime.

Man... my daughter was having a snack and she was slapping her tray... I look, and she's dumpped her cup of water all over the tray and is squishing cerial into it. GROSS mess. Ugh.

Back to video games. I have played a few campaigns through by myself but the only ones I can ever BEAT are the first and second ones by myself. I've played through ALL the levels my least favorite being the swamp and hard rain. And just becaus eI've been playing the hotel and the dark carnival so much lately I needed a change. I figure theres no way I can make it past the bridge by myself so I'll try the swamp. I played all the way through by myself and beat it. I only made it with one other player but hte other two only died at the end while we were fleeing the tanks! It was awesome I'm proud of myself.

If you nkow me this is an achievement. I'm pleased with myself so I had to share.