So I've officially decided I'm going to go for graphic design with a focus in print media because that's originally what I wanted to do with my life, the first thing I wanted to go to school for and would have had I not had to pay so much out of pocket at the time.
Also because someone in my family knows a guy at one of the biggest advertising firms in minnesota. And he's no little fish. And he already amkes good money. So I know he can at LEAST help me figure out where to apply if not get me an interview where he works. I am already excited.
I am going to MCTC because it's affordable and a good school. But I might see about transferring after the first two years and getting a degree in something else aswell. I want to learn and work doing graphic design just not my whole life. But I think it's something I could be good ad and something I would enjoy.
My friend is thinking about going to a really good art school and I think she should do it. I wish I was talented enough to do something like that but I'm happy she can do something with hers. Because she is one of the most talented people I know and I know with even a lil effort she could do even greater things with her art.
I've been feeling loads better lately. Tons better actually and I've been spending some time with more people. I saw my brother and his girlfriend the other day and they don't live far so I plan on spending more time with them. I have hung out with Peach a few times and that's always a blast. And I intend to do that more often if I can too. I also plan on seeing Jeremy's cousin Katrina too because she's awesome and a lonely single mama. I finally got to go see my dad and sister too. I missed them a lot. Now this weekend we are running errands, tomorrow we go to monticello for jeremy's sister's bday. Yum yum indian tacos <3 loooooove indian tacos for sure. And then monday we were invited to two BBQ's. One at Jeremy's cousins house for his cousin's lil boys bday party. And the other at my brothers for labor day. We could probably actually do both. Take the baby to the bday party and go later to my brothers. Maybe that'll work. We'll see.
Anyway, we gots errands to run and groceries to buy and movies to look at so I should go I'm hungry.