I hate when I get told to call someone and when I do, they act like I'm annoying them. That stuff is so frustrating and sooooo annyoing. You could just say "I'm busy, I can't talk right now" Instead of being a supreme jerk and making me feel bad! Learn some damn manors. I called cus you TOLD ME TO and we're out of milk. Sheesh you jerk I thought you might wanna know the milk is gone before you get here and have to leave again to get some. Little do you know if you come home without it you have to take all THREE of us to get milk because if I don't get out of this house at some point I'm going to get cabin fever. I wonder what peach is doing today. I wish I was equiped to cook a meal (I lack seasoning and a lot of food.) so I could invite her over for dinner.
I also need a cigarette or something. I wonder if I could bum one from a neighbor or something....maybe I'll take the girls to play outside in back a little.... it's kinda gross though. But my kid loves the other kids around here so maybe I will...hmmm.