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Thread: Crushes? (What?! You have them too!)

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    Crushes? (What?! You have them too!)

    Alright, I know most of you have them, don't deny it if you do. (anime included)
    So I'll just say mine:

    Selma Hayek: OMFG. YouTube - Salma Hayek Nurse in "Across the Universe" <---
    ENOUGH SAID. I'd post up the From Dusk Till Dawn snake and alcohol dance, but my Youtube accout says I'm 15. Damn you Honesty!!!
    If she worked at a nurse at a hopsital god knows what I would do for her and her clones to inject me with morphine that's actually just another little Selma Hayek.

    Next: Monica Belluci: Woow. It was rumored that she was going to chosen to play the Silk Spectre 2, but was turned down because they said she was too old! Those bastards! (so now I don't like Malin Akerman. AT ALL, because I know Monica Belluci would have been in tight spandex. And would've been able to act.)
    And the other movies that were good was her role in Bram Stoker's Dracula. =p. I would not be complaining to be Keanu Reeves there. And Brotherhood of the Wolf was cool too. Her and her mask. Shoot Em Up was a horrible movie. I don't care.

    I have a thing for Evan Rachel Wood too. But I wouldn't want to touch where Marilyn Manson has been. Kind of freaks me out.

    And...Carla Guigino in Watchmen. Another instance where I like the mom better. She had an old fashioned beauty to her. And Silhouette was cool too. (too bad she was a lesbian.).

    I liked Katy Perry only in the Thinking of You video and I Kissed a Girl. I think looks really bad with straight hair.

    So...That's all I got for now.

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    Re: Crushes? (What?! You have them too!)

    Oh man.

    I an a huge crusher.... < Ha, that makes me seem like a monster of some sort.

    I only ever have one real serious crush at a time though. Right now it happens to be on a friend of mines uncle. Hes about 12 years my senior. Which may mean theres something wrong with me but... I just cant help it.

    Hes a fantastic artist, and a father..... and I think hes hot.

    When I crush... I crush on outrageous levels too. I mean... I have dreams I would never want to wake up from. I also try not to have serious crushes on people I dont think theres a possibility of me having in reality. Although, previous experience shows that some people make better crushes than boyfriends.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Crushes? (What?! You have them too!)

    Shakira is probably my ultimate crush, followed very closely by Tara Patrick. Shakira just twist her hips, and body like crazy, and so you think the lovemaking would be just wild. Than there is Tera Patrick and we have all seen what she can do.

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