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Thread: The Tragic History of Dr. Faustus? 0.o?

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    The Tragic History of Dr. Faustus? 0.o?


    I have to do a 5 page paper. @.@
    and just to impress I decided to do the analysis of the The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus.
    and I was like:
    when I actually pickled up the book. Don't get me wrong, this is some EPIC, AWESOME, DARK shit.

    but...it's due tommorrow and I haven't written anything, and all I've been doing is picking out the cast for a movie in my head, doing psychological analysis (a no-no in my class), and taking out random lines for song titles and lyrics.

    so...WTF now?

    anyone know anything about Dr. Faustus?

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    Re: The Tragic History of Dr. Faustus? 0.o?

    Dude, your screwed. I couldn't write 2 pages on Dr. Faustus without resorting to BS and i LOVE the story. what r u doing still online, you should be writing it.

    thanks to zyta for the sick sig and avy!

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