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Thread: to be evil or not to be evil.... or am I the evil one?

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    to be evil or not to be evil.... or am I the evil one?

    Holy crap... I have been assigned to the worst group in the class... it sucks really bad since we all are "upper" class Juniors and up in college... but still it feels like I am in High School again...
    What to do what to do?... I don't want ot be the evil one to turn all of them up but I don't want to give them a grade they don't deserve by doing all the work myself... but yet if I don't do the work my grade is going to suck at the end...
    we have had more than 2 freaking weeks to do all the work and NO ONE has done a crap but me, and I have told them what is needed and to please give some ideas........... but ............nothing......and the presentation is in 4 days... but again... as in High School... one or two end up doing all the job and the others get a good grade for sitting and watching...
    This time around I think I am going to be the evil one... sucks for my group tho... too bad so sad...
    however is this what I need to do?.... I think so....
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    Re: to be evil or not to be evil.... or am I the evil one?

    tell the instructor what's going on, hopefully he'll understand

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