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Thread: So much to study it is ridiculous!!!

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    So much to study it is ridiculous!!!

    It is a day before the music mid-term... AAAAAAAAAAAARG!!! that's all that comes to my mind. I have been studying for the past week and a half and I still think it is too much theory and too much names to learn!
    The professor was 'cool' enough to say oh! that's nothing!
    But oh well... getting closer to graduation year ^_^ it is getting harder and harder. Sometimes I wonder if all this effort is going to be worth later on...
    Nothing less from Pyro ^_^ Great Sig ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!
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    Re: So much to study it is ridiculous!!!

    I hate names and dates in tests...

    I have a hard time remembering either of those.

    It's like: No, I can't name the theory, but I sure as hell can tell you what it's about. WHY won't you ask me what the theory's about???
    No, I can't remember the date when that thing happened, but I can tell you what happened and the meanings behind that. WHY won't you ask me that???

    In reality, not every professor or high degree-d graduate remembers names and dates... they LOOK UP the stuff before they answer a person's questions. They STUDY their stuff before going into an interview. They even have little note cards to look at! Doctors don't remember every disease out there, but they have a darn book that matches the symptoms.

    So why do they FORCE me to remember all these dates and names?? Let me do it naturally: Take good notes and be able to make quick glimpses at them before you ask me the question! I suck at remembering specific naming and I suck at tests! D:

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