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Thread: tired of money...

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    tired of money...

    everything is about money... even the value of people is based on how much money they have and how much they are willing to spend to get more...
    the more you get the more you want... isn't there a finish point? is the human greed going to stop somewhere?
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    Re: tired of money...

    Dispite what most people think, money is a tool, nothing more then that. I think your problem with money is how people value you it so much to the point of screwing each other over for it. How ever money is necicary as no one works for free. Even back in the days when people bardered, they traded goods and services in order to servive, how ever the barded system is very unreliable as some times you are simply unable trate with some one do to the fact that during some point in time no one will have a need for your items you wish to trade which then makes living very difficult. An example of this is say you produce blankets or baskets and you traid them for chickens, well what if the farmer/s don't need blankets or your baskets, you go hungry. Currency was a simply salution to the barder systems unreliability and it works very well as long as the two parties agree on the price or the items over all value.
    This is the roll of money, as I said, its a tool and nothing more.

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    Re: tired of money...

    Everything isn't about money.
    Everything just generally flows with money.

    Sometimes people just always worry about bills, and food, and etc...
    People always pretend like money's always been there, that in every place in the world money matters. That's hardly the case.
    Money's merely the form in which we express value and trade it.

    ...it literally is just pieces of fabric and metals, with faces of important leaders on them.

    Things are free out there, we just never seem to look for free.
    We always look for "cheap".
    And by doing such, we worry about money even more.

    As Scourge said, it truly is a tool. But when we see it as that, we see it as a necessary tool. You can throw away tools.
    It can screw you over once you "need" it, but fact is, you don't need it all the time.

    Some people can trade in other things that isn't money. Things like services and production, and general bartering. Kids trade toys. Neighbors do favors. And friends make things for each other.

    ......then people say "It took money to make those toys, tools for the favors, and pieces to create those objects". That shows how much those people just see everything as cash, and it'll drive them mad once those pieces of fabric and metal have no more value.
    Some kids don't care if a toy's a penny or $100, they just know they want it. Where's the money in what they want? In the same fashion, you can distract them from wanting it with a simple game of tag/wrestling.
    Some neighbors just need someone to move things in their garage. It might've cost them money to get those things, but it doesn't cost you a single thing to just pick it up and put it elsewhere.
    Some friends just pick up random "trash" around their place to make something beautiful and worthwhile for their friends. It might've cost them money to get these things in the firstplace, but the fact remains that these objects are no longer as valued as they were before - and henceforth worthless money-wise. It just takes a little tinkering and some time and patience in order to make it priceless for friends.

    In those things, money isn't anything.
    If you worry about bills, that could mean you're not investing your money correctly. Everyone wants new things, but they think that the more it costs in dollars, the more it's worth getting. Hell, I spent $25 on a big book. And this book has taken so much time from my days just to read and enjoy it... surprisingly enough, I can buy 4 games, all $50-$60 each, and they wouldn't last as long as this book has lasted. I was looking for entertainment, and a $25 object has done that for me.
    In this case, maybe you should change your ideas on what you value most.

    Maybe you don't need a fast internet. Maybe you don't even need the internet in your house. You could use the library's computers.
    Maybe the public transportations in your area can get you where you need to go for a lot less money.
    Maybe you don't watch your TV anymore.
    Maybe you really don't need to keep all those chargers plugged into the walls all the time.
    Do you really need to wait for the hot water, or could you use a quick-cold shower every once in a while?

    And if all of these aren't a problem: Maybe you need to move elsewhere.

    There are places in the world where time... really... does... slow down.
    Where you can just walk to your nearest grocer and get fresh food and deserts for cheaper than packaged food elsewhere. Where conversations just seem so alive and real, much more interesting than that computer program you got.
    Where relaxing in front of your house is just as pleasing than all the hobbies you've had before.

    It may cost money to get there, but it really is worth it. (Pssst, try Italy... not the tourist spots, the homey-areas)

    ..... as for me, I like the hubbub and fuss the city-life gives me. I've experienced slow-lives (farm-life and "poor"-life), and it wasn't for me. I like this fast-paced stuff, and don't mind paying and working for it.

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    Re: tired of money...

    or Sicily! my boss went there, and she said it was like a dream~

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    Re: tired of money...

    I wish there was no currency. People have to pay to live. Right now my step father is the only one working and he doesn't get payed much so we can barely get grocheries.
    The world is full of fear and despair, that is is why we must find the light in this pit of darkness.

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