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Thread: 10 years later?

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    10 years later?

    everyone has been asked what do you see yourself doing 10 years from now
    and what is it do you think you will want to do , well its been 10 years now
    for a lot of you im sure has anything changed since then that maybe you didn't really see happening then?

    for me i was wanting to be a writer but here i am going to collage learning things about computers i never really
    thought about it or even wanted it just happened a few years ago there are other things yeah but thats one of the
    things i thought i would be doing the writting i mean.

    so has anything changed for any of you over the past 10 years that changed
    what you saw yourself doing?
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    Re: 10 years later?

    well lol 10 yrs ago i was seven so i never thought now i would be so far away from home and my closest of friends over the years. i never thought i could be this close to my extended family members as i am now lol
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    Re: 10 years later?

    Well, after 10 years from now I'll probably be still studying! lol
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    Re: 10 years later?

    Its ok holder, I'm old enough to answer the question... ^.^

    Well ten years ago I was 15, on my way to my sweet 16.

    I don't remember specifically being asked where I thought I would be in ten years, but Im sure I would not have guessed this would be it.

    First of all I have two sons, and Im 25 (26 in less than 2 months)... My oldest son is going to be 7 next fall.... So I had my first kid early. If someone had told my almost 16 year old virgin ears, that on my 19th birhday I would be pregnant.... I woulda never believed it.

    When I look at other aspects of my life however... I can see that very little has changed. I used to always try to get away with getting as much as I can, by doing as little as possible. I am still very much this way.
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    Re: 10 years later?

    10 years ago I was 6...but still had big dreams. =D
    I wanted to be a...fossil finder person. (XD Sorry I would butcher the actual word.)
    Or even a marine biologist, but no that im older I want to be an animator of sorts and work with video games.
    I never pictured myself being someone everyone was cool with either...
    I also never saw myself failing any classes. X3
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    Re: 10 years later?

    Ten years ago I was 12 years old since my birthday is in 12 days, I was going on 13 years old, I remember that I didn't actually make any plans for the future. I just wanted to be grown up, independent woman, with lots of cool clothes. Mission accomplished for the most part.

    Had fun with my childhood, graduated high school, did the whole college thing for awhile, Math class depressed me. And my boyfriend at the time wanted me to move with him to Kansas, so I dropped out of college and starting working as a security guard, which was easy pay.
    I take care of myself now, got my own job that I have worked at for 3 years in a call center, even worked my way up to supervisor. Which I think supervisors actually do less work, its just getting people to listen you, and acting professional. However that enables me to have money to go shopping for new clothes all the time!
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    Re: 10 years later?

    10 years ago I was 9 or 10... whatever

    The only thing that has changed is my increase; sexual-hormonal-tension-towards-the-opposite-sex, and my young youthful anger problems [Blaming Game] that has turned into the game of self hate.

    "I miss the days of being able to think straight"

    10 years from now I can only hope I've popped out at least one "Be fruitful and multiply" baby

    <o.o> I really hope I don't become a workaholic and turn away from my young-adult-angst-of-Candy-Cain-hill-love.

    Gosh none of that sounded right.
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    Re: 10 years later?

    10 years ago i was 16 madly inlove with someone who happened to have fathered my 7 year old child. and i didnt know then that sometimes rushing can be great it has it's down side. he got killed by a drunk driver.

    looking now and seeing my son though it was tough being a single mom and putting myself through school i could say that i wouldnt change a thing. If i didnt get too serious then i wouldnt have my son. my perspective changed too instead of the me my world now i consider other's feelings too.
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