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Thread: 10 years later?

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    Re: 10 years later?

    10 years ago. I was 7 close to being 8 at that time. And I absolutely can not remember what I wanted to do at that time.
    I think I already had contact with video games so one dream of mine could have been working in the video gaming business. Although I'm sure I realised that this can't happen 10 years later, because I'm still in school at that time.
    Well, I thought wrong, so am I doing now.
    Whatever. Another thing I definitely wanted to become is LESS cute and TALLER. >_< I hated being the smallest boy in the whole school. And I friggin' hated it when all those women came up, trying to hug me. Luckily I was pretty agile at that time. It wasn't as bad as when I was 5, but I still hated it.
    Thinking back that actually was pretty kewl and I'd enjoy that now, if you left out those old grannys. Anyway, now I'm still the smallest in class but I'm doing okay with my 5'7''. I'm less cute too, hell I'm close to being adult ... technically.

    Where I see myself in ten years? I'm 27 at that time.
    Hopefully I'll see many interesting countries, have been to Japan for instance, the longer, the better. A nice, young 18 year old girl by my side.
    And I want to be a POP STAR! Or an astronaut, pilot's okay too. Or a fire fighter.
    Last option would be, since I already have some video gaming experience, a job as a 3D artist. Let's hope that video games are still such a booming business.
    I've seen my best days I guess. So I just hope that when I'm looking back, I feel happy about myself and won't regret too many things I've done.

    I don't take "what will be in 10 years" too seriously. What happens, happens. In the end, all those things lie in my own hands. So I have to do things right and am happy with my path I've taken.
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    Re: 10 years later?

    ok gonna sound funny as 10 years ago i was 8 and wanted to be a sumo wrestler XD
    i was bout 5foot odd and weighed like 6 stone so quite unrealistic
    but now im studying at college to become a car mechanic so quite a different change

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    Re: 10 years later?

    Ten years before I was 25 and was going from one college to another making my mom impatient for me to get a degree.

    Now I mostly run my own business in retail and looking for romance. I met a fellow in a dating site and am celebrating my birthday in a buffet. Going to Vegas this summer and am basically cruising through life.

    10 years from now I'd have a nest egg and will travel. Hopefully I'd be in a long-term relationship and enjoying life.

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    Re: 10 years later?

    depends, now i still want to do something that involves artwork in some way, but i now i see that depending i will probably be a mother sometime in the next five years since i have this weird luck streak. so that could change everything for the ten year plan i have now. if i do, i want to be a stay at home working mom for a time, So im looking into more of the jobs that are in demand so i have something to fall back on just in case, something doesnt go as planned in the future

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    Re: 10 years later?

    Oh man 10 years from now i want a masters in Landscape Architecture, and have a stable job with the government making parks and outdoor areas for people to visit all the time. I also see myself as a part time musician and getting a minor degree in music/opera. Yeah, I can sing and im a choir boy 8)
    10 years is not a long time man, and i want so much to happen during it

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    Re: 10 years later?

    I see myself living in Japan and creating the games you all love!

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    Re: 10 years later?

    10 years ago I was 8 years old.

    10 years after..I think, I hope I would be successful enough to support my needs/family needs..and I would already be 28 so maybe I'd be married at that age already/or maybe not..and if not, I would just buy myself a dog..haha, I would cherish it till death ^^ but seriously, I have plans..so I believe I would have gone to Japan/Korea by that time hehe..and hopefully marries a Japanese guy (that's my ideal dream) *___*

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    Re: 10 years later?

    Wow! It's been 11 years since I've been in high school! Damn, I'm gettin' old!

    Seeing as it's been ten years or so since the time I was last asked that question, what's changed with Sprout? Uh, besides having a son: Hmm... I've mellowed out a bit, I don't kick it on the streets anymore, I've gone to vocational/technical school and got certified in a trade; but didn't attend college and those are changes I didn't see coming.

    My plan back in the day was to go to an art college and get a job in the comic book industry or do some sort of graphic design work. I'm still pursuing that dream. I wanted to go to Japan before I turn 30 so, I've got a little over a year to do that--but honestly, I don't wanna rush myself so I pushed it back to 35, LOL. That was about it. I never aspired for nothing more than to just work in a job I love--a job that I do without getting paid already, LOL.

    Ten years from NOW, I think I see myself finally achieving my goal of traveling to Japan, having already had a job doin' what I've longed to do my entire life. Most of that should be done within the next 4-5 years, I hope. Other than that, I just see myself bein' a dad. In ten years, my boy will almost be a man *sniffle* and I hope to be able be there for him and to watch him grow and point him in the right direction in life.

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