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Thread: 18 or younger?

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    Re: 18 or younger?

    When I was child until I reach 18 years my parents have a big INFLUENCE in me” make the decisions for what I choose to study, what Kind of friends should I be with them and see what the best thing to me, but now when I become 19 and I am 20 I have to take my own decision in every thing and sometimes I have to back to them to just ask and take advice in the very important things in my life but now all the decisions now come from me ..

    Foolish beating

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    Re: 18 or younger?

    This thread's a nice way of excluding the oldies xD

    I haven't been excluded yet, so here's my deal. My parents have always been a great influence on me, for obvious reasons. They've been a part of my life since before I was even aware of it; they taught me the basics to life, and much much more. I guess I look up to them as role models, for their capability in dealing with three children at once. It's not an easy feat. I appreciate all that they've done for me, and so every decision I make largely depends on their opinion. That's not to say that I do everything they tell me to do, but it's still something I factor in when making decisions. I try to please them as much as I can, as a way of thanks for all that they've done for me. But like they say, you can't please everyone.

    As for my peers, their opinions do matter to me, and so they do have a certain amount of influence on me, but for the most part, it's limited to trivial matters. It depends on which friend, but even still, I guess you could say that it's small in comparison to what my parents think. Having said that, my parents are pretty easy on me, and for that I'm grateful.

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    Re: 18 or younger?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peach_follows View Post
    If you are 18 or younger, I'd like your help in answering a question....

    Who has more inluence on you, and the decisions you make? Your parents? Or your peers?
    And why is it that you feel that way?
    i think both my decisions that i make and my parents.

    The decisions that i make help me learn how to deal with life situations on all levels whether its good or bad. you learn by mistakes.
    and my parents because they instill morals in me to do the right thing but i am a stubborn person and i always wanted to figure things out all my own but when i do listen what they taught me will always help in those sticky situations and when they're not there i go on by my decisions and what i think is best.
    so thats how i answer your question in my own way peach.
    great question by the way
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    Re: 18 or younger?

    No one has influenced me but myself.
    I prefer being independent.
    But sometimes I'm being dependent to my Mom since she's the only one I have. Also my sibs.

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    Smile Re: 18 or younger?

    I'm 15. I think that my parents have more of an influence on me because I tend to make good decisions w/ my friends and not screw up in life.

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    Re: 18 or younger?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    No offence but I find that extremely hard to believe as there is always some form of influence by some one regardless if its family, friends, society, books/magazines/comics, random occurrences in life, some ones rant of some kind of pro/anti what ever... ect. Influences are every where and they are unavoidable. It depends on which influences you allow to affect you and to what degree. But I am 21 so I can't put down whom and or what influenced me. All I know is that if some one says that there is no influence on them is either 1: lying, or 2: Unaware.
    Now I am quoting my self because I really don't feel like repeating as if I am some broken record player. To say that "I don't allow anything to influence me and do what I want..." shows that you are oblivious to the influences around you. Now that is good that you want to be your self, how ever, there is always an influence as to why that is. Even if it's to hope avoid from being a total ass is why you choose to do different things... The question is why? If you respond, "Because I want to be my self, to be different from other..." Well guess what, that’s an example of influence, because you don't want to be like every one else because you don't like it, the influence is that you see how some other people are and you don't want to be like that. An influence can either bring you toward an idea of thinking or behavior or push you away from one for what ever reason.

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