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Thread: 6 Proven Steps to Building a Strong Family

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    Re: 6 Proven Steps to Building a Strong Family

    Quote Originally Posted by Priestess Angel View Post
    All the steps make sense to me. I do agree that the six steps are very crucial factors in having a strong and functional family.

    As for the issue regarding number six, this is how I see it. I can understand how it can contribute to a family. And I have to say why does a strong spiritual commitment automatically mean that it means just religions such as Christianity?? Religion is just a commitment to a belief just like atheism is. Why can't number six just be considered a strong commitment to some sort of belief system?

    Instead of thinking that a spiritual commitment has to involve some form of religion it can be considered just a strong commitment to one belief.
    This is, more or less, what I was tryin' ta get at. Thnx, Priestess Angel. Back when I was in collage, in my Sociology class, we had a disscussion 'bout how havin' a common belief or cause could unite ppl within a given society, or in this case a family unit. Most in my class agreed that a common belief system, that is shared, could open lines of communication between ppl and promote understandin' and that it could further strengthen bonds between ppl. This could very well apply ta a family unit also.

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    Re: 6 Proven Steps to Building a Strong Family

    The book is by authors who have written several books on the topic of Christianity listed in a Christian category on amazon.com.

    We know nothing of the study itself... who was sampled, where in the world, in what language, or their religion. From the discussion, I get the impression that even you've only actually read the portion of the book available on that website (which contains no information about the sample group studied).

    The book's agenda is Christian.

    Or it wouldn't by by Christian authors on a Christian publisher in a Christian category being praised by a Christian for quoting the Bible.

    I don't think this is my "Atheist" self getting my panties in a twist. This is the very same critical thinking that I was taught in Statistics class in University. All studies have sample groups... and all information can be "adjusted" or collected with a goal in mind to intentionally support a favorable sought conclusion. If you don't know the sample group or the sponsoring organzination, you don't know how those stats are being used or manipulated... much less how they were collected.

    One of the book's two categories: Amazon.com: Religion & Spirituality: Books: Christianity, Bible & Other Sacred Texts, Spirituality, Authors, A-Z & More

    Amazon.com: Joe Beam: Books
    "Seeing the Unseen", "Embracing God's Forgiveness", "The Full Force of God's Tender Mercy", "The Real Heaven", "Spiritual Warface"

    Yeah... these are clearly the wholly Scientific writings of an unbiased statistician :P

    The first search result for this book elsewhere? On sale at "christianbook.com"

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