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Thread: Affections Across Distance

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    Re: Affections Across Distance

    from experiences...when it comes to love, there are no boundaries. but keep it in mind, that if your love is pure and true, then his love is the same thing as yours. love takes time because you care for it gently and slowly.

    i just can't believe i said that. guess i can't help it when helping people in love...sighs!

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    Re: Affections Across Distance

    How do you feel about long distance relationship?: I don't disapprove of it and do not approve of it. I've been in one and boy, it is hard. When you want them here, they can't.

    Do you think you could do it?: Yes, maybe.

    Are you doing the international dating now?: Nope.

    Is it hard to deal with?: Yes.

    What times do you wish they were with you and you resent them for it?: When I'm feeling sad or lonely, I often wish they were here but impossible.

    Yes, love has no boundaries but sometimes living far away from each other is a hindrance to what we called 'love'. o.o

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    Re: Affections Across Distance

    Quote Originally Posted by Shippo101 View Post
    My favorite AO couple actually lives in this situation. *wink wink* But I want to hear others views. Do you think you could do it? Are you doing the international dating now? Is it hard to deal with? What times do you wish they were with you and you resent them for it?
    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post
    Though.. I wonder who that favourite couple of yours is? o.o
    Quote Originally Posted by Shippo101 View Post
    Rayme@ it’s a secret. but the girls name starts with a S and the boys starts with a E. ^^
    Is there any point in me replying?????

    Well tough I will anyway, sorry to bore people.

    But as people say, Love knows no boundaries. When you meet someone no matter where they are from, you know, and only you know that your in love with them. Then there isn't anything you are prepared to do for them.

    Yes I'm in a long distance relationship. Our three year anniversary is in November (time has flown by so quickly). We have been through very difficult time and money being the most frequent obstacle in our relationship, that still hasn't stopped us from being together. Although we have had around 4 months of actual contact; as I took the plunge and flew over to see him (best thing I ever did).

    People may think I'm desperate in being with someone who isn't in the same country. But they can say what they like, If they can't see how I feel, then what do they know? I've even had my own mother say I'm not in a proper relationship. But then she doesn't understand things most of the time. It can be disheartening but I get over it. I am sure her opinion will change when she meets him and gets to know him and see how I am around him.

    My only downfall is that I sometimes wonder if I'm really worth all the effort he puts into staying with me. I can be a handful at times, and I admit that. But he knows me best. We were mates for over a year previous. No, make that best friends. We spoke to each other a lot over IM and he helped me through a difficult relationship. So he is my support and that's what I need. I do trust him a lot more than I have ever done with any one else.

    Sorry again for the repetitiveness of this story. But tough luck!
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    Re: Affections Across Distance

    Love Love Love. Where do I start. I will probably come across as joyless ans emotionless but what the hell. The fact of the matter is that love is great and when true is a uniquely positive characteristic. Nothing bad comes from true love. Violence and jealousy are not the true cornerstones of love no matter what anyone says. But love is not the only vital part of a relationship. If it were things would be much simpler. Even with the prescense of love a long distance relationship can break down.

    If someone is not there for you they are not there for you. Stability and availability are essential and when combined with love make the strongest of marriages. But subtract two of those and like a tripod it can not stand. I am sorry to say this, I only really know of one long distance relationship that has worked out, and it was not too long a distance. And they actually got to spend months at a time together. Maybe that is why it worked.

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    Re: Affections Across Distance

    To be honest, it's actually kind of cute.
    Aside from all the pervs out there on the web, meeting a guy/girl on the web is a great way to see their personality & common interests.
    I, for one don't recall a Long Distance Relationship ever working out well for me, but they were great times that I happily enjoyed. x)

    Now to stop bouncing around your question,

    Many people toss around the word "LOVE", so in this case I'll take your word for it that you mean the REAL THING.
    Long Distance Relationships are a cute and common thing, but when you talk about meeting the person in real life (Moving to different Continents in your case) is a huge step to take in a relationship.
    You must ask yourself "Am I ready for this?", not only mentally but also financially, for example, you move over there ; he's not the guy/girl you thought him to be; things don't work out, then uh oh, bad decisions have been made here.
    You need something stable for the both of you. Coming online to chat for 2 hours isn't enough to hold any type of relationship (at least not any I know of) to sustain mutual feelings when you come to meet in person & spend real QUALITY TIME. :O
    Love only has boundaries to the people who make no effort. No effort is no love.
    And the One who does not want the relationship, Controls it.
    It has boundaries to the person restricting it, but really......Love overcomes all.

    People say "Long Distant Relationships never last", but then again, people say alot of stuff. :]

    So Do Long Distant Relationships work? YES, Love works no matter how you put it.

    Except loving your landlord, that didn't really work out to well for me :/ but you get my point.
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    Re: Affections Across Distance

    It is cute! that is not in question... ^_^ I even think it is cute... but impossible... a realtionship is built by the time you spend with that significant other.
    For a friendship, I am up for that! Since there is just friendship we can even visit each other's countries and hava a nice place to stay in you know. But but for more than a friendship that is stretching it.
    If you are palnning on marrying who you date... you kind of need to know that person in all the good days and bad days and see him or her reacting to situations in life.
    Just my thoughts
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    Re: Affections Across Distance

    Personally, I wouldn't go long distance b/c I think the relationship wouldn't last long. But I know someone who does it and even though it's hard, her relationship with her boyfriend is really strong.

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    Re: Affections Across Distance

    Now, I've never been in one of these kinds of relationships, meaning like long long distance or for the most part that far away, so that's where my opinion comes from.

    While I do agree with the "if you really love them with all you heart" thing, I truly believe it's more improbable than not. I mean, who knows if they really mean it or not, right? Not like you can tell in any sense at all. They could very well be lying, again, unless they truly mean it. And then there's other factors, too. Like will you ever meet? How? When? Et cetera. That's just my thought, not too entirely keen on the subject since it's never been in my life or circumstance, but it's a viewpoint nonetheless.
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