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...How do you feel about long distance relationships? I don’t necessarily mean 10 miles away I can drive to you long distance but I mean like they live in England and you live in Nevada long distance. I suppose the correct term is international relationships. My favorite AO couple actually lives in this situation. *wink wink* But I want to hear others views. Do you think you could do it? Are you doing the international dating now? Is it hard to deal with? What times do you wish they were with you and you resent them for it?...
I'd never enter into a long distance relationship because I don't believe that it'd work for me. I crave affection from all who are close to me, and with them living that far away, it just wouldn't work out. I mean, with the internet now, many are claiming that it's easier to keep in contact and everything, but honestly, if you can't physically touch them then it's not really contact to me. As for the rest of your questions, I don't have an answer lol.

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Personally, I wouldn't go long distance b/c I think the relationship wouldn't last long. But I know someone who does it and even though it's hard, her relationship with her boyfriend is really strong.

It might not work for me, but it has worked for others before. I guess it depends on your personal needs and wants, and if you can't get what you need or want then it's not going to work out.