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Thread: Age Neglect

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    Angry Age Neglect

    As a high school drop out. I did to get my High school Diploma, but I still dropped out. Forever on my mind.

    But still.

    I worked for Credits.[Program: Allows you to add up your Work Hours for Credits] I did classes online that allow me to get some other Credits [I wanted my Diploma for West High, So the Program allowed it to have "West Highs" name on it]. Which I could be proud of. Which I am! And during this time. Took some College classes to set me ahead of my peers. I guess you could say I jumped around from program to program. Following up on Job core that allowed me to get a GED as well. I figure I get them both for the heck of it. Well; Now doing "Water Tech" which will allow me to travel the world. This all sounds great yes? 17 and ahead. Really at of all I have done. I feel as if my age holds me back thou. I am not allow to travel for my new Job till I am 18+ And thats a IF!

    Its not fair that I put so much hard work into trying to get ahead with time but in Reality my own Age won't let me work! I have to move a lot slower then people older then I. So I say "Getting my High school diploma early was the worst thing I think I did I believe." I still have to wait for the real world to let me in. They think I should live my youth out, and with my parents till I am 18+. Still a IF! My parents have a hold of everything about me. Everything in there Names. My bank account. Everything.
    I am a senior this year so to say, and everyone nags telling me to do something with my life. You are ahead. I am like
    "WHAT work at a fast food place?" While all my friends are in school. Waiting for Prom !

    With Teacher Recommendations. I have been allow some really great Jobs, but not allow to make as much money as those older then me! [College Kids] Now I know they are in College, but I've on the same level of life as them, not only that but more ahead! So What I still live with my parents.

    I get this stupid comments like "What would you need to do with the money anyway" ! You don't pay bills, your still pampered by your parents" "Your just a kid" "Go back to school" "Why are you here?" "Aren't you a little young?" "Take your time Kat" "Just wait"

    >=[ This is cruelty.

    I have quested hard, and have done everything right. I DON'T WANT TO WAIT! I have Job Experience, I have Teacher Recommendations ! I have college credits, and I did/doing Job core. I have no record! What is wrong with me!? What did I do wrong. Did I mess up somewhere. I need help and answers.

    Do I need to do more. I will be 18 soon, but here most Jobs want 21+

    My mom says wait with time. It will all add up!

    By then it be all worth nothing. I know what I want in Life. I know what I need! My moms I don't know till i get out there. WELL by all means; Throw me out there.

    [Rant over]

    Question: ^ Above./

    Thank You for your time.
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    Post Re: Age Neglect


    Now that sucks bad,
    You sound like a politician to me, And yeah...what people say is right 'FREE SPEACH'

    Oh god, I feel terrible for you. You're going through so much >.<

    Well, what age are you anyway?


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    Re: Age Neglect

    As far as the travel thing goes, because you're not considered an adult in the eyes of the law, your company may not be able to let you travel, regardless of whether you're qualified to do the work. You're a minor, which makes you a huge liability.

    Sorry to say this, but you really have to be patient and wait (you're 17, what's one more year). And since you still live with your parents, having a good job at this point, regardless of what you make compared to older people, will give you an opportunity to save your money and start your adult life on the right foot. You'll also have a lot more work experience in your chosen field than others your age, and will be more likely to get better jobs with better pay. Your hard work won't be for nothing, trust me. I started looking for jobs at the beginning of my last year of college, and got absolutely nothing until I'd been out of school for almost six months. No matter how old you are or how much you've done, you still have to be patient; things won't just fall into your lap simply because you went above and beyond what was expected of you.
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    Re: Age Neglect

    Now, this is something that you put in your cover letter that goes with your resume. Even though you aren't 21, this tells a manager that you have the willingness to work hard and get what you want, and some managers will over look your age and hire you because you're a hard worker.

    Now, there are reasons for some age restrictions. I work in Fast food (I'm in Management Training right now), and my restaurant has some 14 year olds working there, and they're only allowed to do certain things like service, and they're not allowed to cooking, this is for their own safety. While in your case, some jobs evolve the sale of Alcohol and Tobacco, which may require you to be a certain age before you can work there because it is required by law.

    I'm serious, put that in your cover letter, you'll be surprised how many call backs you get once managers see that you're a hard worker, which you are.

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    Re: Age Neglect

    Thats the thing with the world. Age matters as much as money. People are trying so hard to let children and teenagers enjoy their time in childhood and try to in a way hold them back so they can appreciate not having all the responsibilities adults have. Where your only 17 your still a minor and it that means you won't get paid what adults do because of minimum wage and its only when you turn a certain age that it will go up. As far as I can see, your case seems to be rare and not every an do what you have done, well I know I can't anyway. I know you really want to do what you want but your still 17 and weather you like it or not, you can't really be treated as an adult fully yet because of it.

    It isn't age neglect its part of setting regulations. For some businesses its all being able to set a great reputation. It might not look good to clients to here that they are hiring minors to do the work, mostly because it resembles slave labour. Most businesses try to look at the bigger picture and really need to focus on having workers that are at a certain age as to not look like bad. I know it shouldn't really be part of the reason, buts that life I suppose. Of course you do have references and its a good thing but they still won't really read them because when they see your age, they might just put your application aside.
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